The North Atlantic Atmospheric Downscaling (NAAD)
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NAAD domain

The NAAD (North Atlantic Atmospheric Downscaling) provides a 40-year 3D hindcast of the North Atlantic (10°N-80°N) atmosphere at 14 km (HiRes) and 77 km (LoRes) spatial resolution with 50 levels in the vertical (up to 50 hPa), performed with a regional setting of the WRF-ARW 3.8.1 model for the period from January 1979 to December 2018 and forced by ERA-Interim as a lateral boundary condition. The dataset provides variety of surface and free atmosphere parameters at model levels.

The major focus of NAAD was to develop a high resolution atmospheric dataset which allows a better analysis of sub-synoptic and mesoscale features.

Main configuration of the NAAD
HiRes LoRes
Model settings
Model WRF-ARW 3.8.1
Dynamical core Nonhydrostatic Hydrostatic
Domain settings
Horizontal Resolution 14 km 77 km
Vertical Resolution 50 hydrostatic pressure-sigma levels (50 hPa top)
Timestep (RK3) 30 s 360 s
Main physics options
Microphysics WSM6 WSM5
Convection Kain-Fritsch
Surface layer MM5
Radiative transfer RRTMG
Land surface model Noah LSM
Boundary conditions
Initial & boundary conditions ERA-Interim
SST ERA-Interim (every 6 hr)
Data assimilation Spectral nudging from PBL (longer than 1100 km)

The NAAD data provided at a 3-hourly frequency. Each variable available in yearly NetCDF files. The surface data is available as 2D fields on the mass-points, the data at model levels provided at staggered or unstaggered points (Arakawa C-grid) depending on the variable.