List of Variables

Below is a description of the variables that are currently available online. The list will be expanded as new variables are processed. New variables are marked in red. Please be aware of the upload lag: the recently added variable could potentially be available in the NAAD LoRes dataset faster than in the NAAD HiRes due to limited upload speed.

Variables below provided on mass points (unstagerred).

List of available variables
name unit description
hgt m Terrain height
isor m2 Variance of subgrid-scale orography
lsm - Land-sea mask (1 - land, 0 - water)
Time-dependent topographic features
lwm - Land-water mask (1 - land, 2 -water)
Surface layer variables
q2 kg kg-1 2 metre water vapor mixing ratio
t2 K 2 metre temperature
sp Pa Surface pressure
u10 m s-1 Grid-relative U at 10 M
v10 m s-1 Grid-relative V at 10 M
tp mm 3 hour accumulated total precipitation (water equivalent, cp+lsp)
cp mm 3 hour accumulated cumulus precipitation (water equivalent)
lsp mm 3 hour accumulated large-scale precipitation (water equivalent)
msdwswrf W m-2 Mean surface downward short-wave radiation flux
msdwlwrf W m-2 Mean surface downward long-wave radiation flux
Turbulence and fluxes
blh m Boundary layer height
msshf W m-2 Surface sensible heat flux
mslhf W m-2 Surface latent heat flux
sshf J m-2 3 hour accumulated upward heat flux at the surface
slhf J m-2 3 hour accumulated upward latent heat flux at the surface
Surface diagnostic variables
u10e m s-1 Earth-relative zonal wind at 10 M
v10e m s-1 Earth-relative meridional wind at 10 M
r2 % Relative humidity at 2 M
msl Pa Mean sea level pressure
iwv mm Integrated water vapour
ivt kg m-1 s-1 Integrated vapour transport
Model Levels (on mass points)
qv kg kg-1 Water vapor mixing ratio
u m s-1 Grid-relative x-wind component
v m s-1 Grid-relative y-wind component
w m s-1 Vertical wind component
theta K Potential temperature
Model Levels diagnostic variables (on mass points)
r % Relative humidity
ue m s-1 Earth-relative zonal wind
ve m s-1 Earth-relative meridional wind

If you need an access to additional data, please contact Alexander Gavrikov ( or Sergey Gulev (

Design and development: Alexander Gavrikov, Andrey Muratov; Support:; 2020
Open access

Access to the NAAD data is now available through the Data Access Protocol (DAP). Details are in the Download section.

The NAAD LoRes (77km) has been uploaded

All variables listed in the Variables section have been uploaded for the LoRes (77 km) run of the NAAD dataset. The NAAD HiRes (14 km) is currently uploading. Access to the data will be provided within a few weeks.

Revised list of variables provided

The short list of potentially the most demanded variables is now in the Variables section both for LoRes and HiRes datasets. It will soon be available for download. The long list will be provided later.